An intimate modern lodge with relaxed, yet elegant sophisticated energy. Guests are treated with personal attention to their every request. The suites are spacious, comfortable and offer all amenities needed when travelling. The pool, surrounded by extensive lawns and interesting garden areas, as well as the home farm is home to an array of birds and smaller wildlife.


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Heart And Soul Lodge


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    The African Galleria – A safari experience

    African Galleria is a combination of a workshop and a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of African art; seeking exposure through tourists and travelers who arrives daily in Tanzania. African Galleria invest on creativity and innovation and connects artists with professionals and other artists to create unique and competitive pieces to the world of fine art.

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    Visit the Local Village market in Mto Wa Mbu

    Mto Wa Mbu, known as a melting pot of cultures, is a unique village in Tanzania where representatives from all 120 tribes live harmoniously side by side. Despite its name translating to "Mosquito River," we were fortunate to find that the village had fewer mosquitoes due to its reliable water source. Your guide, who is a native of the village, will provide you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the community through their eyes. The duration of the tours is typically around 5 hours, but they can be flexible to accommodate your preferences.

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    Banana Tasting

    In Heart and Soul we offer an unique Banana tasting experience by the hand of our professional in the field. Did you know that this area is considered as the capital world of banana? We have more than 30 different types of banana. Get the knowledge from our banana plantation and try the different types of banana here in Tanzania.


Happy Customer Says

Highly recommended

“We booked for 1 night and stayed for 7. The lodge is great. Lovely pool, clean rooms and very attentive staff. We will book again.”

Christina and Andreas


“In one word – unbelievable – The staff are lovely and most welcoming.
We do not want to leave!”

Celia and Sana

Very special

“The best place we chose for starting our honeymoon. We had a great experience and is a memory to remember.”

Victoria and Mwillo